A list of software and hardware that helps me get my work done. I'll try to post or update this list once a week.


Sketch has become my goto app for graphic design/layout that doesn't involve photo editing. The application itself feels very streamlined compared to old bloated Adobe regime but has just enough features to get the job done. Banners, websites, advertisements, and even application layouts are all a breeze to create especially when paired with the growing ecosystem of templates available.



Yes, Vim is not quite as fashionable these days with Javascript exploding and Atom and Visual Studio Code making quite the splash, but it's still my choice. Tight integration with the command line, its modal editing, strong plugin ecosystem, and relatively small memory footprint [(VS Code is using 64x as much memory, Atom is using about 47x as much memory as Vim)]( keep Vim on my list.



This is an OSX only notes app that I use everyday. Quiver supports Markdown, syncing, handles code well, and also has Vim key bindings. For taxonomies Quiver has a tagging system built in as well as Notebooks, which are basically folders you can place your notes in. There are options to export and even the ability to turn your documents into a quick presentation. As an original user of nvALT, Quiver adds all my wishlist features.